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This plugin manipulates the minimum and maximum number of steps before you see an encounter. 

RPG Maker has an encounter rate that is tough to manipulate, so this expands on the parameters you can implement. 

In order to make battles still have a random nature to them, there are 2 parameters for minimum number of steps before a battle can happen and maximum number of steps before a battle is forced. 

For example, Players will figure out they can make it 5 steps, if the minimum number was set to 5. Instead, after each battle, the number of steps as a minimum and maximum is randomized between the set parameters. 

For Example:  If the Force Battle Maximum number is set to 30, and the Force Battle Minimum is set to 25, then the player will be forced into an encounter on a random number of steps between 25 and 30. 

If the Lower Limit Minimum is set to 5 and the Lower Limit Maximum is set to 12, then the player will not be able to get an encounter, unless 5 - 12 steps are taken with the number randomly chosen between that range.

 * * This does not change the normal RPG Maker encounter rate, but just forces some hard minimum number of steps and maximum number of steps around it. Therefore, using the map encounter rate will still be necessary, but more predictable.

Terms of Use: Okay in commercial or non-commercial projects. No credit is required. Editing is okay for personal use. Reposting, using parts of code, or redistributing with intent to sell can't be done without permission. 


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