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This plugin allows you to call messages from external JSON files. 

In doing so, it makes it much easier to collaborate on a project, or change text for different localizations.

It is compatible with Yanfly's Message Core. It is also recommended to use Yanfly's Message Core for word wrap and text codes, at minimum. That way, it makes it very easy to write external files and just have them called into your project. 

Options include the ability to choose faceset for the message, make the background dim or transparent, or window location - all the default options for the Show Text command. 

Use Script call - $gameMessage.showExternalMessage($file,id) to call messages. 

The file and id can both be internal variables, allowing increased flexibility for incrementing messages, randomizing messages with NPCs, localization options, or doing if/else branching, based on variable change instead of using 10,000 nested if statements. 

Examples of JSON file format and of various uses of the script call flexibility are included in the Demo Project. 

Terms of Use: Okay in commercial or non-commercial projects. No credit is required. Editing is okay for personal use. Reposting, using parts of code, or redistributing with intent to sell can't be done without permission. 


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Is there a way to halt other parts of an event from processing when the script is ran? I'm trying to use this in an intro sequence and it wants to open the character creation window called through a plugin command at the same time the script is running regardless of the script being called before in the order of actions.

I use a script call on the event: 


so that it when the text box pops, it is handled like a normal message and other events won't trigger until it closes. See if that works for you

You are a genius! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

There is nothing more boring than edit the messages with the editor. Click, open, write, choose face... etc.

This plugin will sure come in handy. I'm used to use the Iavra one, but with this, we can also choose the face and window options! 

Amazing one! :)

This looks pretty useful. I only saw the 3 screenshots so far, and already have so many ideas how this can come in handy. I don't have a need for it now, but I did have events in past projects, where I could have used something like this.

I did download without naming a price, sorry... :p  If I end up using it in my projects, I will come back to buy it. Promise.